Assignment 1 and 2

MT 499

This assignment will help you determine the optimal location for your business along with the equipment and technology you will need to be successful at start-up and just after start-up.

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The following Course Outcomes is assessed in this Lab assignment:

MT499-2: Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.

(Note: Some requirements for this assignment do not have specific areas in LivePlan to address them. Once you have completed the areas that appear in LivePlan, you can download LivePlan as a Word document and then insert the other checklist items required in the Word document before submission.)

Assignment checklist:

In the “execution” portion of your plan, under “operations” (Note: some requirements for this assignment do not have specific areas in LivePlan to address them, so be sure to include all the information below):Determine the best location for your business.Explain your reasoning for that location (including online).What do you expect to pay per square foot? (This applies even if you own the building. What price per square foot is the building worth?)What technology will you need to be successful when opening or shortly thereafter?How much do you expect to pay for this technology? Remember installation costs.What equipment and/or tools will you need for your business at or shortly after opening?What do you expect to pay for equipment and tools?Analyze the process you will use to produce your product or service.

MT499 Discussion

This Discussion will help you explore the best location for your company as well as the equipment and technology you will need to be successful. You will learn the most from this unit if you interview someone who runs a similar business to what you would like to start. While this is not required, it will help you better understand potential needs.Where will your business be located?Explain your reasoning.What price per square foot (if applicable) will you expect to pay?What equipment will you need at start-up?Explain your reasoning, and comment on timing for purchases over the first year.What is the cost of the equipment you need?What technology will you need at start-up?Consider what you need to own, and what you can outsource.What is the cost for the necessary technology, and if outsourced, how much will you pay monthly for those services?
MT460MT460-2: Use a variety of analytical tools to monitor and improve business strategy. Your professor will present you with a variety of business case studies to choose from to complete this Assignment. Choose only one case study to analyze. You can find a list of videos that may accompany your chosen case study in the supplemental resources spreadsheet. You may also choose to analyze your current employer instead of the business case studies based on the criteria in the checklist below. Please seek approval from your professor if you wish to conduct this analysis based on your employer to ensure you are able to cover all requirements sufficiently.You will find the following resource to be a helpful guide in your analysis of your chosen case study: Guide to Case AnalysisStep 1: Provide a brief synopsis of the company from your chosen case study or your employer (if approved by your professor). Include the company name, industry sector, products, target market, and any other pertinent informationStep 2: Explain the factors in your chosen company’s broad macro-environment (PESTLE) that may have strategic significance on its competitive advantage in the marketplace.Step 3: Conduct an analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces framework to diagnose the competitive conditions in your chosen company’s industry.Step 4: Conduct an analysis using one additional strategic analysis tool to determine whether an industry’s outlook presents your chosen company with sufficiently attractive opportunities for growth and profitability.Step 5: Determine if your chosen company’s resources and capabilities give it a competitive edge over rivals.Step 6: Assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses in light of market opportunities and external threats.Step 7. Explain the company’s value chain activities and how they affect the company’s cost structure and customer value proposition.Step 8. Evaluate the results of your strategic analyses and explain your chosen company’s competitive situation and how this information can assist managers in making critical decisions about their next strategic moves.In this Assignment, you will demonstrate an ability to employ a minimum of three different strategic analysis tools, including a PESTLE analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces analysis, and one additional strategic analysis tool (VCA, SOAR, SWOT, etc.) of your choice. Use as many concepts from Chapters 3 and 4 of your textbook to complete this Assignment as possible. You are the professional and will need to determine how many slides and how long the presentation should be to meet the requirements of this Assignment. You are capable of making such decisions at this level of your degree program. Take the initiative to be the problem solver and strategic decision-maker. Each slide should have a narration and notes. Your slides should be professionally designed.In this Assignment, you will culminate one course outcome by conducting a business case study analysis in the form of a narrated PowerPoint presentation: