Assigment 1

1. Write as paragraphs the basic science concepts, their definitions, and an everyday application. 

Example of basic science concepts are:

Length or distance, force, power, mass, volume, time, and temperature (just mentioning some of them). In addition to resources from the internet, you could address your personal experience related to measures and units.  

2. Search for the scientists who contributed throughout history to the formulation of the scientific method and organized them by chronological order: (Between three to five)

3. Write the steps of the Scientific Method. Summarize each step. 

4. Research and write facts where you compare and contrast the two-measurement system: “The International System of Units (SI).” Vs. “The English System.”  Please support your input with some everyday examples of measure (unit) used here in the United States Vs. example of units that we use in other countries. Please write this assignment in only one documents, per paragraph and the APA style whit references.