It is a 10 pages research paper of architecture in MLA format with bibliography. It is due in 11 hours. The proposal of the paper is: Upon examining the history of architecture, it is imperative to take into account digital theory. According to Liu (2003), “the history of architecture could be regarded, in some sense, a history of developments of form space.” As such, one must truly embrace the fact that architects and designers were unable to engage in limitless creation until technological improvements were made. There was also a marked limitation in terms of architectural materials available. Oxman (2008) notes that there has allowed for the integration of different aspects, such as design and analysis as well as building assembly, which has in turn facilitated the bridging of the aforementioned gap. The need to build at a faster rate than ever before is what sparked the creation of digital design (Oxman, 2006). With this said, this paper will discuss the evolution of architecture from a non-digital one that was centered on hand drafting to one that relies on computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software.