Architecture Discussion

Select an architect from your text, from class discussions, or from some other source. He/She may be historic or contemporary architect that you want to learn more about.Use drawings/diagrams/photographs (or any combination) to illustrate the architect’s most significantworks,andwritten words (outline form is acceptable) to describe the architect’s era, philosophy,influences, etc. This project may be presented creatively (collage, figure/ground organization,photoshop, etc.), but remember the single page,8 1/2″ x 11″ paper format.Be prepared to discuss your architect in class.The purpose of this assignment is to encourage research and to establish hierarchies…..there is only so much information that can fit on one page, so you have to choose the most important data.

I will upload a sample for you.

please use “louver abu dhabi” instead of “Sheikh Zayed Bridge”.

and chose any thing in china instead of ” Guangzhou opera house, China”.