7-8 page research paper on one of these diseases. Ebola, Anthrax, Necrotizing Faciitis. You pick

Written report is simply a report of your portion of the oral presentation. Concentrate on the part of the presentation you prepared and delivered. I am looking for eveidence of solid literature research. Please use standard format including in-text citation of your material. Remember that in science writing, direct quotations are seldom used. We expect that you are reporting established facts, and not creatively making them up. So, put the source material in you own words, and then site the source.

These reports generally run about 4 pages and I think that 10 cited references is adequate.

Please submit your paper on-line.

So these PPTX I uploaded are from other students so I would not want you to write the paper based on their powerpoints but just an idea on what I am looking for. You can pick which ever disease you want and write a 7-8 page research paper and also I pasted professors directions above.

Due date May 04 2018