640- Assign 2

Must be APA format, plagiarism free, avoid using contractions, and incorporate the christian view. 500 words minimum. Please check grammatical errors.



Do not attempt to answer this question without reading in your text about organizational culture. This is not the same concept of what is often referred to as culture. You will need to provide examples from your organization and be able to fully describe the concept and illustrate your ability to apply it. 

write a 2-page, 500-word-minimum paper describing the culture of the organization that you work for or one with which you are familiar. Indicate (1) how the culture was formed and the effects that its culture has on the organization’s outcomes and effectiveness; (2) how change is influenced in the organization and what sustains changes when they occur; (3) how new members of the organization are socialized; and, (4) how the “fruits of the spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23) are displayed in the organization. (Do not include the task in your assignment, but treat the paper as a self-contained essay.)