500 words – response

a report focused on one of the topics or architects discussed in the previous classes.

Submitting a paper does not guarantee any extra credit. It depends on the quality of the paper you submit.

The topics/architects were:

-Louis Sullivan

-Frank Lloyd Wright

-Bruce Goff

-Frank Gehry

-Bruce Goff

-The language of Postmodern Architecture


-Zaha Hadid

-Michael Reynolds (The Garbage Warrior)

Please review the instructions and tips here below:

-Support your argument

-DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR NOTES OR BULLET POINTS. I am asking you to write a 500 word paper. 

A good report should have a good organization. So it should have an intro, main body and conclusions. It contains a clear argument, your opinions and accurate evidence. Please mention your sources and use footnotes for your citations.


-Show me that you studied the sources. Any quotation from written sources such as books, magazines, journals is appreciated. 

-Style of quotations= Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. More important be coherent and remember to quote according the same style.

-Write a good paper

-Be clear

-Your opinion on the topic is appreciated but should be supported by sources or a a solid argument.