400 to 500 word paper on team work

Choose any example that either supports or refutes one (or more) of the principles described in this chapterMay be any real-world example (current events, your professional life, your personal life, etc.)Describe the principle(s)Describe how the example supports or refutes the principle(s)If the example refutes the principle(s), describe what should have been done differently

Upload your paper to this folder when it is completed.

Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion, and have checked spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The paper should be 400-500 words. Scoring will be as follows:

(20%) Demonstrate Understanding of the Subject Matter

(20%) Correctly Apply Concepts

(20%) Creatively Apply Concepts (go beyond restating what is in the lecture, book, etc.)

(20%) Spelling & Grammar

(20%) Conciseness (efficient, effective communication, staying within the prescribed number of words)