3 discussions for 3 classes

ENG 315: Professional Communications:

“Format and the Professional World”

Select ONE of the following:There are several different formats (emails, letters, reports, slides, and more) we will study this quarter. How important is the format in connecting with an audience? Defend your answer with relevant support.Consider a time when the way a message was delivered to you made a difference. What were your expectations about the message and how were they influenced or changed by the manner in which the information was delivered?

BUS 437: Project Procurement Management:

“Managing Configuration and Data for Effective Project Management.” The process protocol model consists of thirteen (13) steps from Inception to Feedback. What are the steps?Can any be skipped in this process model?

HIS 104: American History to 1865:

Using chapter 3 from last week and chapters 4 and 5 from this week, along with other sources in the webtext and the Instructor’s Insights, answer the following:Where were the following people found: Spanish, French, Native, Dutch, English and slaves (initially white and black) located? Are these regions still distinct today?On the Atlantic Coast, most scholars say there are three distinct regions. My notes say there are more. What do you think?After skimming chapter 5, what problems affected the colonists in the 1600s and especially 1700s?How is this relevant for today? (Hint: think politics, society, culture and religion)