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Here are some articles found in the news related to cultural geography dealing with some of the topics we are talking about in class, i.e. industry, energy and urban geography. Please read at least one of the articles that interests you and write a minimum of two well-reasoned, clearly written paragraphs in response to the article; a paragraph is technically 5-6 sentences or more. In your response the first paragraph must include a brief summary of the contents of the article in your own words and importantly the second paragraph must discuss how the article connects to some of the topics we are talking about in class. Your task is to post your response on the discussion board of canvas by next Friday May 23 no later than 11:59 pm. Please remember that this activity is worth 50points if you submit them by the deadline.

What Happens When Latinx People Gentrify Latinx Communities (Links to an external site.)

Climate Gentrification’ Will Deepen Urban Inequality (Links to an external site.)

After hurricane, Puerto Rico switches on to renewable energy (Links to an external site.)

As gentrification escalates in Calif., people wonder: Where can the homeless go? (Links to an external site.)

Solar installations in US now exceed 2 million and could double by 2023, new figures show (Links to an external site.)

America’s renewable energy set to surpass coal for the first month ever (Links to an external site.)

‘Build More Housing’ Is No Match for Inequality (Links to an external site.)

‘Uber Was Supposed To Be Our Public Transit’ (Links to an external site.)

How Life in Our Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic (Links to an external site.)

TOWARDS A BETTER URBANISM (Links to an external site.)

The new geography of America, post-coronavirus (Links to an external site.)

The Geography of COVID-19 and a Vulnerable Global Food System (Links to an external site.)

COVID-19 hits Michigan farmers hard, with some facing prospect of killing livestock (Links to an external site.)

Too Much Oil: How a Barrel Came to Be Worth Less Than Nothing (Links to an external site.)

Earth Day 2020: COVID-19’s blueprint for a sustainable future